What Are The Best WordPress Plugins

These Are The Best WordPress Plugins

Hey everyone, today I want to give you all the best WordPress plugins which are all free!

As you may know making a great looking blog is very important as well as an optimized blog, so these plugins will help you optimize your site completely.

1) All In One SEO Pack

All in one seo packThis plugin helps you optimize every blog post and page you make. This will give you the option to add Meta keywords and description to help all your posts and pages rank well in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You need to tell the search engines exactly what your site is about so they can rank your pages properly. It’s very important to have the keyword and description Meta data as it plays a major factor when it comes to ranking your targeted keywords. All in one SEO pack is one of the best WordPress plugins around.

2) Spam Free WordPress

No SpamAs we all love comments on our posts and pages, we also hate people that spam our blogs with their keywords. The only reason they may comment is to help themselves with SEO of their own blog or website. This plugin saves you a lot of time by not having to delete these spammed comments. Some of these spam comments don’t even have well written comments they are just spam bots which target blogs to comment on. Get this great plugin to stop the spammers!

3) WordPress Gzip Compression

As we all hate clicking onto a website and it taking ages to load, this plugin will speed your website or blog up massively. This will speed up your site and will reduce the bandwidth usage too. There is a well-known fact that when visitors visit a website and if it takes too long to load then they will leave. It doesn’t look good and having a slow website can affect Google rankings as Google take it more serious than you may think. This is one of the best WordPress plugins which will help the speed of your sites.

4) Comment luv

Such a brilliant plugin! This will let people comment onto your blog posts while letting them leave backlink to their blog or website. You may be thinking that this is a bad thing but it’s not. This makes people want to comment more because as well we all want good SEO and traffic this may help them with a treacle of traffic, although turning your do-follow to no-follow links will tell Google, Yahoo and Bing not to follow the links. You’re simply giving your commenters a possibility to get some traffic from their comments. To be honest it’s not such a bad thing as it will also help you build a better relationship with other blogs and bloggers.

5) WP Mash Social Widget

Mash socialAnother great plugin, we all want our content shared around the net and this awesome plugin will do just that. We all know social media goes much more viral than any other marketing technique and by implementing this plugin will boost much more exposure to social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and there are many more options available. You can change the settings to whatever you need. It’s a great way to get your content viral and attract new visitors quickly and efficiently.

6) Google Analytics

Before you start an online business, it’s always a good idea to have analytics codded into your site. Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track your traffic, sales, page views, clicks, where your traffic is coming from, where your traffic is going and much more! I highly suggest getting this plugin if you don’t know much about HTML. The main way to get your site claimed is by adding the HTML which Google gives you to add to your homepage. This plugin makes it much easier for a newbie; it’s the best WordPress plugin when it comes to adding you’re Google Analytics code.

These are the must have plugins as I believe these are some of the best WordPress plugins around.

7) Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 lets you customize your form in any way. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting too. It also has CAPTCHA, which will help narrow down spamming your email. This is a very useful plugin which can help capture leads, emails or even just for contact. Many people use this in different ways.

8) Quick AdSense

Google AdsenseWe all want to make money from our blogs and sites so adding this great plugin will give you the opportunity to add your AdSense banners above, in the middle or below each pos. There are many other options you can choose from too. They make it very easy to implement and it will save you typing HTML into your site.

9) Simple Page Ordering

This lets you sort out all the pages on your WordPress blog, by putting them in the order in which you need them. Many people don’t know how to do this but with this plugin, it makes a very simple drag and drop option to help you put each page in the order you need.

10) Share This

ShareThisAnother great way to make your content go viral! This will add social media links like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and also lets you add an RSS Feed subscribe form, which helps you with getting readers back to your blog when you update it.

They work for me, what do you think?

I believe that these are the best WordPress plugins for their kind of use! I use them too and I think they are great.

What do you think are the best WordPress plugins? Leave your comments below to share what you find more effective.


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2 Responses to “What Are The Best WordPress Plugins”

  1. Raplus

    Nov 20. 2012

    I use both all in one seo and yoast as a seo plugin. For me, yoast is better than all in one seo.

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    • Larry


      Nov 20. 2012

      Hey Raplus, I will add that one to the list just for you!! There are many different plugins which do lots of different things.

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