What Are Meta Keywords And How To Add Them

What are Meta keywords?Meta Help

These kinds of keywords are the terms which you will use to rank your blog posts or webpages into the search engines. Finding the right terms can and will determine if your blog or website will become successful.

Adding these keywords to your blog or website is fantastic for SEO and does help your posts and pages rank better. There are many people who don’t quite understand how important it is. So take action and do it on every single post or page you can because this will help you with SEO and give you more chance of hitting the top 10 results to bring more traffic to you site.

Here I have made a video showing you how to get a great plugin for adding Meta keywords and descriptions to your pages and posts. I will show you how to add them to help you create a well search engine optimised page or post.

Search engines rank pages for the specific keywords and will bring the most related and well written content available possible to the top.

For example; You want to add meta keywords to your blog posts and pages so the search engines know exactly what your page is about and doing so can make your pages rank much higher. It makes it much easier for Google, Yahoo and Bing to understand where you need to be placed for your content and keywords.

Should I Add Meta Description?

Yes, you must also do this if you really want to rank well on the search engines. Doing this also helps the search engines rank webpages. When writing a description about a blog post or page, you must always add your Meta keywords once and only once.

You must not spam your description with your targeted keywords; Google, Yahoo and Bing are smarter than you think. They may even take your page off the search results because of such a silly rookie mistake.


Remember to always do your research for high searched terms with low competition, doing so makes it much easier for you to rank better and bring more traffic to your blog or website. Take a look at a video I made which will help you find good keywords which are easy to rank for while taking advantage of high traffic terms.

Get to the top of Google Faster and Free

A good way to get a blog post or webpage to the top of Google is by writing great unique content but go for long term keywords. Here is an example of a long term keyword, “how to get traffic”.

Use these and add them to your Meta keywords to help you rank for long term keywords, doing this will rank quickly but the downfall there is less traffic. For a new blog it will always take time to build sufficient traffic anyway.  Although less competition which means easier to rank for and also extremely targeted traffic which is even better!

How to keeping push your pages up Google

I just wanted to give you some quick advice to further help with ranking on Google, adding meta keywords is not the only way to rank, there are many more factors although meta data is very important.

Here is a small list of things I think you should focus on;

  • Back link strategies
  • Article marketing
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Join Forums to get involved with other marketers

I just wanted to give you some other ways to help you with your posts and pages, if you are consistent which these strategies then your pages will rank much quicker.

If you need more info about these topics then just have a look around my other blog posts because I have lots of great info which can help you further.

I hope this has helped you with meta keywords and please feel free to leave a comment below if it has helped.

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