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As we are being told, time and time again, the money is in the list and it’s true. Many new marketers don’t quite understand how important it is to build a list. My email marketing tips will help you understand better with building your own list. I have been an Internet marketer for a long time now and when I started online, I never built a list. I wasn’t making any money and that was the main reason why.

So, let’s get into it!

Get an Autoresponder

The first step to my email marketing tips is to get your own Autoresponder. You can get one from Aweber, although it will cost you an arm and a leg, so I highly suggest you go to GVO for your tools. It will cost you $10 a month but it’s more than worth it. You can get free Autoresponders but most of them have limits to what you can do, so free is not a good way to go.

Provide a FREE giveaway

When you’re looking to build a list, you will need something to give your subscribers, for example: I give my subscribers a number of Ebooks to help them with Internet marketing. So, I am providing them with a lot of value completely “FREE”. People “love” free stuff and that’s a well-known fact, if someone can get something for free, most people will get it anyway just to check it out.

Add follow up emails

Once we have our free gift, it’s now time to find more free stuff to give your subscribers for the follow up emails. It’s a good idea to follow you list up once every 2-3 days, this way you are not filling up there email box, day after day and it doesn’t look like spam. I have found that giving my subscribers 3 free Ebooks or giveaways during a week works well. The open rate is good and it “really” looks like I’m trying to help them. This will help build a relationship with our list.

In these email marketing tips, I am showing you exactly what I do to make a living from my list, so keep reading, because this is awesome stuff! You may have been told these list building tips, time and time again but my techniques work best.

Sending them to the affiliate product

Now we have given them a week of “FREE stuff” and it’s time to make some money from our list. On day 7, I like to send them a follow up email, asking them if they liked what I had given them. If they did like what I provided them, I could then tell them that this “membership site” has helped people become a success online. Now, since they liked what I have been providing them, they then may have “trust”, “faith” and the belief that I want to help them, which I do of course. They may then buy the membership from your email and it’s that simple, you have just made a commission.

Rinse and repeatList building - rinse and repeat

It’s been a week and we have made some commissions, now it’s time to make another weeks’ worth of emails and “free giveaways”. Just follow the same routine again and provide them with even more value, this way you’re keeping them happy and satisfied. If you stick to this routine, you will see results in the long term more than the short term.

In my email marketing tips post so far we have covered making the emails to keep your list happy and satisfied but there no point in making follow up emails if we can’t get subscribers on the list right…

So, here are some ways I get traffic to my opt in page and ways I build my list quickly.

Add your form to your website/blog

The simplest way to get subscribers onto your list is by adding your form and “free giveaway” on the top right hand side of your website or blog. If you’re getting traffic to your website/blog, then you should start to see a consistent pattern of opt ins from your site daily or weekly. When building your list this way, always have your “free giveaway” at the very top of your blog, this way all the traffic coming into your site will see it, try to make it stand out too, so it catches your visitor’s eyes.

Make a landing page

Another great way to build your list fast is by making a landing page and sending traffic to the landing page to sign up for your “free gift”. Once we have a landing page, here are some ways to get targeted traffic to the landing page.


Join a forum related to your niche and post comments on a regular basis, once you have posted enough, you will be given the chance to have a signature link at the bottom of each comment you make. So, for example: if I post on a very large forum related to my niche and have a link to my landing page saying “Get My FREE Ebook Now”, then there is a good chance you will get traffic to the page and get subscribers because this traffic is 100% targeted.

When posting commenting onto forums, try to make yourself look like the pro of your niche, this way people will look up to you and want “your help”.

Very easy email marketing tips to implement!

Facebook/Twitter Fans

Let’s say you have a great following from social media, then a great way to promote your “free gift” is by announcing on Facebook and Twitter that your giving your gift away FREE. This is a great opportunity to send your fans to your landing page to opt in. This is quick and instant traffic, so take advantage of this. If you don’t have a good following from social media, then this could be a slight problem but once you have a good following implement this.


This is something I wanted to stay clear from because I want you to be successful from “free methods” but PPC can work a charm if done right. If you join a PPC company and start a campaign then you need to make sure you target the right keywords, this will make or break your opt in rate.

Here is an example: My free giveaway is an Ebook about making a website from scratch, if I wanted to start a PPC campaign, I would target keywords like, how to make a website, set up a website, how to build a website, making a website from scratch, website help and so on. This is just a ruff example of the keywords I would target.

YouTube MarketingTraffic - Email marketing traffic

Using YouTube to drive traffic to your opt in pages is a great idea, if I wanted to grow my list this way, I could make a video showing people the first 4 steps to setting up a website. Then, I could say at the end of the video, “to complete the process from here please click the link below to get my FREE Ebook which covers everything you need to know when setting a website up from scratch”. I have seen much success from this.

Well that’s it; I really hope these email marketing tips have helped you understand more about build a list and driving traffic to your list.

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Hey there, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Larry and I'm an Internet marketer from the United Kingdom. I have been earning money on the internet for a few years now and I created this blog to give out my tips and tricks. I don't make millions but I do make a nice passive income from home. I hope my blog can help you succeed online!

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  1. Eric

    Apr 02. 2013

    Thanks for the nice article, Larry. Traffic is the only way to build that list. Drive it, Drive it, Drive it! Thanks again!
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  2. joe black

    May 07. 2013

    These are some excellent tips. I think the key to success with this advice is building relationships, which the article mentioned. People are much more likely to follow you if you make the right efforts to help them, and if you give them things – free things – that they will actually find useful. Email marketing is one method to build relationships but there are many others. If you’re interested in creating an entire marketing campaign that includes email marketing among other tools, companies like Boomtown Internet Group can do that for you.

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  3. Sterling

    Apr 24. 2014

    It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people about
    this subject, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!
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