Unique Article Wizard Review

Unique Article Wizard Review- Should bloggers use it or should we go old school?

Over the past year people have been finding it more difficult to rank well on Google and Unique Article Wizard Reviewthe reason for this is simple because people can’t use black hat SEO anymore. Google is shutting them down by updating their Search Engine more frequently and targeting sites which get to many backlinks at once.

This Unique Article Wizard Review will explain why you should not be using it. There was recently a Google Panda update and this update found sites which were using Article submission software. Because this software builds hundreds of backlinks to websites and this is not natural in Google’s eyes.

Unique Article Wizard Review- Is it worth getting banned by Google?

Firstly, does it work? Yes it does for a certain amount of time. This software is very effective and does help boost search engine rankings although if you backlink too much then Google will penalize your site for the spamming links.

Google likes to update their search engine when nobody realizes, this is simply to catch out spammers and helps Google filter out spammy websites and blogs from their search engine.

Last January one of my friends was using this software and surprisingly got to the top of Google for the keyword “passive income”. And this was great until Google came along and took the site right out of the search engine. He was building way to many backlinks at such a quick pace, he had over 2000 links from article directories so there is no wonder why he was banned.

Unique Article Wizard Review- How does it work?

There are a few steps to use this software: Firstly you need to write 3 articles the same but they must be worded differently. Once you have done this then break each article in to paragraphs then add them to your Unique Article Software Back office.

The software will then spin each paragraph and make many different articles. After this step is done they then send the articles to many different article directories. Once they are all accepted then that’s how the backlinks are created giving you a boost in your search engine rankings.

It will give you an option to get 50 links per day or 100 links per day. Can you see how this looks like spam? It is very obvious in Google’s eyes and that is why I suggest you don’t use it.

Although some people still do use it by submitting a small amount of backlinks per day. I like to play the safe game and I build my links properly, creating high authority backlinks which give me more power than 100 backlinks from article directories.

Unique Article Wizard Review: Conclusion

If you are looking to get quicker rankings in Google then you can use this software Unique Article Wizard Review: Don't Get Bannedalthough I would be very careful to the amount of backlinks you add per day. Personally after seeing my friend’s website being banned it makes me want to avoid this and I will. I like guest posting because it does much more for my off site SEO.

Use my Advice From This Unique Article Wizard Review and Go Old School and Build High Authority Backlinks!

Guest Posting Method

I feel that the best way to boost search engine rankings is by submitting guest posts to related websites and blogs. This also provides me with traffic as well as ranking boosts on the search engines. It looks natural and Google will love these links because there real high authority links which provide me with lots of link juice.

Join Forums

Another way to build backlinks is by joining forums and posting a lot. Most forums will allow you to get a backlink once you have posted so much so this can be another good way to get free high authority backlinks. If you want to do this then you will need to spend a lot of time interacting with other marketers. Personally I am not doing this because I don’t have the time. If you do have time then I would suggest doing this as often as you can.

Contact Webmasters

There are many marketers out there looking to do link building with related sites so I would highly suggest contacting many different sites and just ask them if they would like to do some link building with you. You would be surprised by how many will agree.


Join YouTube, make videos and link them to different pages of your blog or website. Google own YouTube so these links will be very powerful, believe me!

E-zine Articles

Join E-zine Articles and write content linking back to your blog. This is one of the best article directories out there and there link juice is great. Remember Google loves content so write good content linking to your site and watch you pages rise slowly.

Overall Conclusion to old school backlinks

As I have talk about it before high authority backlinks are the best because they provide Backlinksyou will lots of link juice and lots of traffic from other sites and blogs. As you continue to work on your off site SEO you will soon see some great results. Many people don’t use these methods because they don’t have the patience. It all takes time so work hard and be patient and soon you will be ranking page 1.

I hope you take my advice from this Unique Article Wizard Review and go back to the old school techniques because they provide you with much more authority. I would hate to see any of your websites or blogs being banned from Google.

I highly suggest you do not use Unique Article Wizard but if you seem persistent on using it, then here is the safest (Google Panda/ Penguin) method which I used to use.

Software I use to get on top of Google!

Over the past few months, I have been using Elite SEO Backlinks. This is a fantastic service which adds backlinks to your newest posts and pages, giving you high rankings as soon as Google index’s your posts and pages. There are many Internet marketers now using this software, because it’s cheap and boosts search engines rankings so quickly and these are high PR links, not spammed links. These are real links which Google loves, and these are kept looking natural as well, so there is nothing to worry about getting in trouble by Google.

I have been using Elite SEO Backlinks, for a while now and I have a number of posts ranking high because of this great service. It has helped me drive so much more traffic to my blog. This is a lot better than unique article wizard because the links are really high quality and not just posted on article directories.

I hope this unique article wizard review has given you some insight and I highly suggest you follow my advise and use Elite SEO Backlinks to boost your search engines rankings.

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2 Responses to “Unique Article Wizard Review”

  1. Jackson Blue

    Feb 23. 2013

    Google doesn’t ban you for building to many backlinks to quickly. I know this because it would be to easy to sabotage your competitors. The worst, and in most cases, google just ignores them.

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    • Larry


      Feb 24. 2013

      Hi Jackson, Google will hit you hard if you do it consistently, once every now and then is ok but if your consistently building hundreds of backlinks per day then Google will soon catch on, like they did with my friends site.

      You should always try to keep everything looking natural.


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