Tips for Setting up Your Own Niche Websites

niche websiteSetting up small niche websites is a very easy and simple process, although you will need to take your time when creating them. You must try to make each and every website look as professional as possible, which will help increase, leads, sales, comments, social media likes and for it to provide you with a good reputation.

Here are some tips which will help you keep on the right track, when it comes to building small niche websites.

Keyword research: This is one the most important steps and it can make or break your website. You must do deep keyword research to find the right keywords. Try to target keywords with added terms like “buy” or “review”. For example: “buy Ipad” could be one, but the competition will be very high.

Content: Always make sure your content is 100% unique, you can purchase content online. When I build niche sites, I like to buy content for the site “if” I don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, I like to use “Content Authority”, and they provide me with great unique content which helps me make more sales. Remember, content is what can make or break a website, so try to be very picky about putting up the best content possible. I also highly suggest you “beef” your sites content to at least 20 articles, just so you have enough content!

Domain hosting: I always like to exaggerate about hosting, because if you have a bad hosting company and your site is offline a lot of the time, then you are losing out on sales and leads, this can also have a very bad effect on your website SEO.

Social Media: Always add social media “like” buttons on your niche sites, because social media is now becoming a ranking factor with Google, Yahoo and Bing. The more social signals sent out from your website the better, this shows Google you have great content and when people share it, it means they like it enough to want others to know about it.

Creating backlinks to rank high: We all know that backlinks are one of the most powerful ways to rank high for any searched term but Google are clamping down on sites which create too many and some of these sites are looking very unnatural to Google. Don’t buy any links from anyone, because you don’t want links from blog networks. Why? Because Google are targeting these sites which push “PageRank” to other sites whom pay.

Before you start creating backlinks, make sure give your new domain, time to age a bit, if you have just bought a new domain, I suggest you wait for 1 month minimum before creating links, it will look less suspicious to Google and making your backlink method natural is a “must”.

The best way to make backlinks, is by creating insanely amazing content, which makes people want to link to it for a resource. On the other hand, guest posting has always worked “wonders” for me!

Website Design: Try to make your website stand out from your competitors, because when someone clicks onto your website, you want them to have a good first impression and this will make them decide if they want to continue to read your content or not. You can have a website that attracts 500-1000 unique visitors a day but if the site doesn’t load quickly or if the site looks confusing, then they may leave straight away, which is not good!

Build a list: Depending on your niche, you may want to build a list and make money from your list. This is a great way to build a long term income, if you can market your list properly, try to help your list and give them advice to products which may help them overcome a problem.

Well, these are just some simple tips about setting up niche websites, which will help you and if you have more tips in mind please feel free to let me know by commenting below!

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Hey there, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Larry and I'm an Internet marketer from the United Kingdom. I have been earning money on the internet for a few years now and I created this blog to give out my tips and tricks. I don't make millions but I do make a nice passive income from home. I hope my blog can help you succeed online!

4 Responses to “Tips for Setting up Your Own Niche Websites”

  1. Andrew

    May 10. 2013

    A niche is the most important factor when creating a website to make money. Something that is often overlooked. People think they need to target everything and everyone not realising that if they focused on a small market segment they can actually make more money. Great post Larry.

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    • Larry


      May 10. 2013

      Hey Andrew, thanks a lot!

      Well, you are right, depending on how you will monetize the site. If you plan on making a niche site to earn money from AdSense, then choosing a good niche with high CPC keywords will be needed to help maximize earnings.

      Choose your niche wisely!



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  2. Adam Roseland

    May 11. 2013

    Great post!
    The key to success is actually failing a few times. If you build enough sites, you will surely fail on a few of them. Learning lessons from those failures will provide you with many more opportunities to succeed.
    Adam Roseland recently posted..Niche Site Guide Part 3 – Setting Up Your Niche Site With WordPressMy Profile

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    • Larry


      May 12. 2013

      Hey Adam, that is very true!
      I failed, many times before I became successful and it was down to my pure grit, determination, passion. You must have the “never give up attitude”.



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