Should you be building links to your website?

There is no real answer to this question. If you ask Google this question, there answer will be “NO”, but if you ask an InternetBuilding links to your website marketer, “WE” say yes. So, the real question is how many links should you build and what kind of links. I think building links to your website is one of the fastest ways to help improve your websites, Page Rank, Domain authority, Page Authority and trust.

Most of you will have noticed Google shutting sites down which build too many links. Let’s be honest, they want to improve their search engine, so that’s fair enough but we need to be smarter to beat Google. We want to stay hidden and keep under their radar so we don’t get our sites penalized.

Setting up your first link building strategy.

When I start new niche sites and blogs, I like to let them age for around 2 months before I start link building. This gives the sites time to mature and building links too quickly will send Google a red flag for spam. Once we have some content and age; I like to start by building a base of links to my website.

I like to start by blog commenting.

This helps to build many no-follow links and helps us get connected to other bloggers in our niche. Building a relationship with other fellow marketers is a great way to get the word out about our site. There are also some sites out there which allow do-follow links which can help, but for now we are only looking to build some base links which have diverse links coming from many domains.

Forum posting

I like to join some forums and help people. Leave your website link in your signature too, this is good for links and driving targeted traffic to your website too.

For example: the warrior forum!

Here are some forum techniques I made for you! Check them out!

Link baiting


I like to create link bait pages. If you’re not sure what these are, they are pages which have the most value to your readers. Some examples of link baiting can be free tools, online calculators and so on. Providing your readers with free stuff makes them so happy, everyone loves stuff which is free, if it’s good or not. This will help attract links to your sites; link worthy content is the best, so try to focus on publishing great content too.

Here is an example of a link bait page – How I sold a 5 page website for $1750!

I made this recently, to show my readers how I sold a 5 page website for so much. I expect this to attract some links from related websites.

Resource pages

Another great way to attract links is by making a long list of the top websites in your niche. Once you have 20-50 sites, you can send an email to all of them and let them know that they all made it into the top 50 sites in the niche. This may also encourage them to send out emails, tweets, Facebook messages to their readers to tell them. This helps build trust and encourage their readers to visit your website. The webmaster may even create a post and link to your website, some sites have gone viral by doing this, so I highly suggest you try this approach.

Guest posting

Once I have done some of these, I like to start gust posting to related sites in my niche and these links will be the main anchor link to help you rank for your keywords. Diverse your anchor text links so this will help keep you safe from Google penalization.

Natural link building is best

These are some of the ways I like to build links, but if you can avoid link building, I would, but link building slowly is the best way if your in a difficult niche. There are too many people blasting links to their websites and doing so will just get you banned from Google. Just be careful!

I hope this has helped you understand more about building links to your website, if it has let me know by commenting below!

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