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I woke up today and decided, I want to write a post about “how to increase blog traffic”. We all want lots of traffic coming to our websites so we can make lots of money and that’s a fact. The problem is, many marketers are finding it increasingly difficult because of the competition on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many ways to drive blog traffic which include, article marketing, guest posting, YouTube marketing, joining forums, blogging consistently and there are many more.

There are many other ways but most new marketers are being told the same thing over and over again. They end up being angry and annoyed because when they ask the same question, “how to increase blog traffic”, they always get the same boring answer.

Well, I have some more ways for you to drive traffic to your website or blog and I will explain how to use these to help drive traffic and backlinks to your posts.

Write an exciting post.

The first step is to write one of your fantastic unique posts. Try to make the post completely unique content because Google loves quality content. Also make sure you give the post a bit of length, because writing a post of 400 words won’t get you anywhere. Make sure you Search Engine Optimize your posts as much as you possibly can, doing so will help you rank better for your chosen keywords.

Ok, now you have a great post! Now it’s time to turn that post into many different formats, when I say “formats”, I mean to turn the written content into different types of content.

There are many ways to get the word out about your great post and to get more blog traffic and here are lists of the ways you can do this.

How to increase blog traffic? Well, create as much exposure as you can to each and every post.

Create a mind map

Making a mind map will help you cover more ground on the topic you are writing about, get your ideas down on a mind map then work through each and every stage. Doing so, will give you hjmore ideas and it will make it much easier for you to write or talk about your chosen subject.

Make videos about your postIncrease blog traffic

If you have made a “how-to” posts, then videos will be a perfect way to help solve your readers problems they may be having. This is a great way to get closer to your readers and it can help to bring trust between you and your reader, this can also result in commissions down the line. Once you have made a video, then you can share it on YouTube and Vimeo.

Once you have uploaded the videos you can then add your title and description, in your description you can add a link pointing back to the post you wrote. This will then give you 2 backlinks from 2 of the top video sharing sites online and remember this will help drive blog traffic and provide you with high quality backlinks.

Make a presentation/ Slideshows

You may not realize, but a lot of people do sit and watch slideshows online to find out more about a chosen topic. Making a simple slideshow and uploading it to sites like slide share can help to drive blog traffic and doing this creates more backlinks to your site as well. Many marketers don’t understand just how much traffic some slideshows can provide an online business, so I highly suggest you start making some presentations and sending them to Slide share.

Create an audio of your post

Many people don’t like to be on camera or like to talk in front of people and that is understandable, although making audios of your blog posts then sending them to sites like sound cloud can also help to drive traffic to your blog and once again providing you with a high authority backlink. Making a Pod cast and sending it to ITunes is another great way to find fans, drive traffic and help build your brand. If you were to make a Podcast once a week, then you would look like the PRO, and that’s what you want right?

These are some of the best ways to get much more exposure to your blog posts and doing these for each post can help rank each post in the search results. This means in time, some of your blog posts may rank page 1 and possibly drive more blog traffic into your site if you can do these simple tasks for each and every post.

For some reason, many marketers don’t tell new marketers about these simple ways and that’s what I don’t understand because these simple tasks can dive a great deal of traffic and backlinks.

Anyway, now you know and I hope you can use these methods to help your online business, hopefully now you won’t have to go typing into Google “how to increase blog traffic”. Hope these simple ways can help drive more blog traffic.

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