How To Make An EBook Which Brings Traffic

Making an EBook for website promotionHow to make an ebook

Making an EBook is a great way to earn an extra bit of revenue. Depending on your niche, you can almost write an EBook on any subject. You can make an EBook and sell it on Clickbank and many other digital companies. EBooks have now become much more popular, because it’s now a much easier way to get content sent around the net. Many people make EBooks for different reasons and some are: giving them out to their email list free, selling on Clickbank and digital companies, promotion for their blog and there are many more.

I have recently finished making my first EBook for my list, I am giving it out FREE, but just to the people who are in my list. Many will ask, why don’t you sell it to them? Well, I want to help my list and that is the main point of my blog, to help people. Making an EBook isn’t difficult; you just need to look at it like a really big blog post.

How to make an EBook – The easy way

To make an EBook, all you have to do is open Microsoft Word and starting writing. It’s always good to make an EBook covering “how to” do something. For example: I recently finished an EBook showing people how to find a niche, keyword research, getting a domain name, installing WordPress, adding the right plugins to WordPress and writing their first blog post.

It isn’t difficult, once you have finished your EBook, you just need to save it as a PDF and that’s it!

When making an EBook, it’s always good to have some images, add headings, nice short paragraphs, and simple step to step process to make it easy for your readers. Images, headings and small paragraphs help break up the content and it makes it easier for your readers. Imagine if you had 5,000 words with no images, paragraphs or headings. Your readers would just get overwhelmed with content, so try to always add something which can help break it up, which in turn will give your readers a break from content every so on.

This will also keep them interested too.

How to make an EBook – Add your logo on to your opening page

When you make an EBook, it’s always a good idea to have your logo, business name and website on the first opening page. This is what people see first, so try to make a good impression; you would be surprised by how many people just leave it if it looks unprofessional. Doing this is also a great way to promote you, your business or website. If someone found the EBook helpful, they may then want more from you, so they may visit your website or blog for more information and help.

How to make an EBook – Making money from your bookhow to make an ebook promotion

From all your hard work, you want a little bit of $$$ In return. If you have made a very easy to follow EBook and if people are using it, then you should add affiliate links. In my recent EBook, I added affiliate links to Hostgator, so my readers can follow my steps to get hosting and a domain. While they do this, I earn a very small commission. Also with other products is a good idea but try not to be selling in your EBook, provide value and help.

A sneaky affiliate commission never hurt anyone!

Call to action at the end

Once you have finished your EBook, you should always have a call to action. This means at the bottom of your book you could promote your website or blog and send the traffic to your site. For example: “Thanks for checking out my EBook and I hope this has helped, for more information you can visit my blog where I cover this in much more detail. (Website Here)”. This is a simple way to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Making an EBook is a great way for self-promotion, as your readers will see that it’s coming from you, your business or website. This can make them curious, so they may check out your site!

How to make an EBook – Promote your EBookPromoting an ebook

There are many ways to promote your new EBook like, giving it out free on forums, giving it out on your list, adding it to Clickbank and digital marketplaces, Facebook, Twitter and there are many more ways. I think giving it out to forums is a great way to get feedback about your work, as it will let you know how well you have done with the EBook and whether you need to improve it!

Become an EBook Pro

If you are still unsure about making an EBook then you can visit the 7dayebook site today. They have proven methods to help people set up their first EBook and they show you exactly how to market it and make money from it. You can check them out here for more information.

Well, I hope this has giving you some insight to making an EBook, feel free to leave a little comment below to let me know what you think. Just remember to make an EBook which helps people, so they want to come back for more!

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