How To Get Blog Sponsorship

Blog Sponsorship- How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog

Blog sponsors or advertisers are businesses and/or online websites, who may offer some Get Your Blog Sponsoredpayments to advertise their companies, products or services on other people’s blogs. Blog sponsorship can therefore provide you with some additional source of revenue or income. To get the best out of blog sponsorship however, you will need to know how to get sponsors for your blog.

The Right Type of Advertisers and Your Blog Sponsorship

Before you start looking for advertisers or sponsors for your blog, you will need to determine the right type of brands, products and services that may fit your niche, blog content and your targeted audience, you may do some research on this on the internet. You will need to adequately define what those should be, in order to choose the right type of businesses and advertisers for your blog sponsorship.

Finding Advertisers for Your Blog

While you may get some advertising offers if you already have some blog traffic, most often than not, you will most probably need to look for your advertisers by yourself, especially if you are just starting out. You may find some sponsors/advertisers for your blog in several ways, and this may include:

1.  Announcing Your Blog Sponsorship with A Blog Post

You may announce to your blog traffic/audience that you are interested in accepting some blog sponsorship, by creating a post about it with some detailed information on your blog.

2. Looking For Sponsors or Advertisers on Similar Blogs

You may also look for some sponsors or advertisers that are already advertising on similar blogs like yours, these are more likely to respond to your advertising offer positively too.

3.  Selling Ad Space on Forums

There are quite a number of forums through which you may also sell some advertising space directly on the internet, though the ad rates on such platforms may not be very competitive.

4. Compile a List of Related Sites and Businesses

You can compile a list of sites and businesses online that are likely to fit your blog and your targeted audience, by performing some searches through the search engines. You may then contact each site/business directly through email to present your offer.

5. Sites Linking To Your Blog

You may also contact other online sites that are linking directly to your blog too. You will need to review what those sites may have to offer, to see if they will fit in with your blog and targeted audience. You may get some free online tools, to know the sites that are linking directly to your blog.

6.  Google AdWords Advertisers

You may also find some advertisers too by doing a search on Google, with some specific keywords that are related to your niche and other brands, products and services that are relevant to your targeted audience, and then review the list of Ad Words advertisers that may be displayed along with the searches you do. You can contact each Ad Words advertiser listed with your searches through their websites.

You can effectively use all of these ideas and options on how to get sponsors for your blog, to create a much larger list of potential advertisers for your blog sponsorship.

Create a Blog Sponsorship Page or Post

Once you are interested in getting some advertisers or sponsors for your blog, you will Find Advertisersneed to create a blog sponsorship page or post on your blog, that you can link to from other blog posts, irrespective of how big or small your traffic is. You will need to provide as much information as possible on your blog sponsorship page/post that could make it easy for potential advertisers to get in touch with you about your offers.

Your sponsorship page/post should have the details of your payment options, your ad rates, the ad duration and the type of ads you provide (for example text ads or image ads). You will also need to note on the page/post what your ad placement options are, that is, whether your ads are placed at a side bar, top of a post, in-content, at the end of your post etc.

You will need to give some indications on who your targeted audience are, and what your blog statistics generally look like, to give your potential advertisers some ideas on the possible value they could gain through your blog. Your blog statistics will need to include the number of unique traffic you get on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If you can provide enough information on your blog sponsorship page/post, you may then add a buy now link or payment button to the page/post that would allow your potential advertisers to easily buy, without having to contact you first.

Providing Some Free Advertising Trials

You can provide some of your sponsors with some free advertising trials too. This will not only serve to provide them with some ideas, on what they could possibly get through your blog, but may also provide you too with some additional exposures, when other potential advertisers/sponsors get to know about your free trials. This could ultimately result in more advertisers taking up your blog sponsorship offers.

Third Party Advertising Networks

To increase your chances of being found by sponsors/advertisers you may join some third party advertising networks. Third party advertising networks allow you to sell other people’s advertisements on your blog, they make it quite easy for blog owners and advertisers, to readily connect with each other.

A third party advertising network may work for you, if you do not have a lot of traffic yet or if you want to start small. It is also a good option for you, if you are finding it difficult to work on how to get sponsors for your blog, and/or if you are not getting any advertising offer.

The advertising rates and pricing on third party networks/sites may be based on your traffic, Alexa ranking, your PageRank etc., you may join multiple advertising networks. Such advertising networks will most likely have a full range of advertising methods/options that you can review, to determine what may work for your blog.

You’re Blog Traffic

You will need some regular and targeted traffic on your blog before you can sell Consistant Trafficadvertising. Generally you may have to build your blog traffic over time. You can effectively build some targeted traffic on your blog by choosing one or more niches and creating some relevant and targeted content that appeal to the targets in your chosen niches.

How targeted the traffic at your blog is, will affect your advertisers’ results. Advertisers will want some positive returns on their investments through your blog. If your advertisers are able to get some results or the type of results they want through your blog traffic, they are most likely to come back for some more advertising.

You can use all of these options and ideas, that is, getting your own advertisers directly, providing free trials and using third party advertising networks, on how to get sponsors for your blog all together, and then track the results you may get through each one of these, to know the best way to get the right type of blog sponsorship, that may work for your blog in the short or long run.

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