How I sold a 5 page website for $1750!

As you can see in the image below, I sold this website for $1750! Amazing isn’t it!

My flippa listing

A website about tadpoles made me that much but why and how did I earn so much? In this post I’m going to share with you how much I spent on the site, how I got it making money and how I got traffic to the site.

Here is a link to the flippa listing! Check it out!

Where the site began!

So, back in February my nephew was working on a school project which involved tadpoles. He had to do research and find out as much as he could about them.

For example: how they grow, what they eat and so on….

So I thought it would be cool to make a website about them, just for his amusement and mine.

Keyword Research.

Before I got the domain name, I done some keyword research to see if there was any kind of possibility to drive traffic and funnily enough, there was a “great” traffic potential. When I do keyword research, I always check the competing websites and blogs to make sure I can rank quickly without having to do much link building. I also like using EMD, (Exact match domain) names because Google still give them more weight in ranking.

I found my main keyword “what do tadpoles eat” and it was also available as a domain, so I got the domain too.

Content and indexing the site.

Once I had the domain name, I went to and hired a writer to write me 5 articles about tadpoles targeting my main keywords. I normally go elsewhere to get my content but I just didn’t want to spend too much on content, as this site was not a priority for me but more fun.

I got my content the next day, I published it onto the site and added some nice images to spice it up and look nice. I then used to send my sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing. I then built links within (attractas) directory to help get the site indexed quickly. Another good way to get your website indexed fast is by blog commenting on related blogs and forums, the crawlers will find your site much quicker and index it.

Quick rankings!

Four days later, my site was indexed on page 4 for its main keyword. I left the site for 3 weeks; I then started my link building strategy and found the site ranking up the pages very quickly. After about 1 month, I hit page 1 position 5, then after another 2 weeks, the site hit page 1, position 1 for its main keyword. The site was also ranking for over 300 other related keywords and bringing in traffic from many long tail terms.

The traffic was now flowing.

The funny thing was that most of my traffic was coming from “long tail keywords” and not my main keyword. This niche had such little competition that the site ranked for “tons” of keywords! That’s why I like to stress to you to find hidden untapped niches, so you can experience what I did. The site started to generate 15,000 unique visitors a month, then the following month was 20,000 unique visitors and then I hit a major jump up to 30,000 unique visitors every month.

Earnings between April and July.

Adsense earnings

As you can see in the image above the site was making me some nice passive income. You will also notice the sites earnings went down in July; the reason for this is because I was trying different monetizing strategies. I implemented some CPA offers to see if it could increase my earnings but it was difficult to find anything that worked. I soon added my Google AdSense banners back up ha…

How much did I spend on the site in total?

Let start with the domain name: $15

The content: $25

Link Building: Around $50

My time spent working on the site was around 20 hours maximum.

So, all in all a good investment for me, I made a nice profit up to now.

Selling the site.

In august, I went to Kavos (Corfu) with friends for a nice holiday and a good party for the week. When I got back, I made the decision to sell the website, yes it made me money every month but at the same time I wanted a big lump sum of money to play with. I wanted some extra money to spend on a new project I was setting up.

I put the site up on flippa starting at $300. The site generated some interest and some bids, after a few days, I was contacted by some who was very interested in adding my site to their portfolio. So, we had talks and came to an agreement.

We agreed at $1750! This was a fantastic sale and it just shows that a 5 page website can do it!

This just shows how simple it is to make money online and these are the only steps I took to make this site successful. Everything I have told you here is exactly what I done.

Paypal account transaction into my account below!


I hope this has given you some hope to go and do the same.

Visit the Flippa listing! Check it out!


Thanks for reading, leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

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  1. JR John

    Nov 10. 2013

    Great to hear it! I’m glad you had such success – now it’s just a matter of me implementing it myself!

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