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Today I wanted to share with you how I get easy backlinks quickly after publishing new blog posts so they rank well and get indexedget easy backlinks fast. I see many marketers writing lengthy blog posts and not getting exposure to them, which you should be doing. You should be creating as many doorways as you can to help drive traffic to your pages and posts.

Here are some of the things I have done in the past to get backlinks and traffic to my newly created blog posts:


Each time you publish a post, you should try and create as many different pieces of content as you can. Slideshows work very well. Many marketers as making the most of “Slideshare” since the website has got a lot of authority. This makes it easy for the slideshows and other content to rank fairly easy. If you can target very low competition keywords, you will see your content ranking high and in return you will get referral visitors. Each time you make more slideshows, you should add your “URL” so you can get backlinks and traffic.  This is a very simple ways to get easy backlinks and making slideshows doesn’t take a long time either.

RSS Directories:

RSS Directories is a great way to get your content out there and in return you will also get a link back to your website. You should try submitting your RSS to as many directories as possible; this will lead to creating many links to your website.

YouTube videos:

I have talked about this before, make videos, target low competition keywords and optimize your keywords so the video ranks on Google and YouTube. YouTube has a lot of authority, so ranking videos is very easy. Add your link into the description and you will see traffic flowing into your site. The more videos you make, the more backlinks and targeted traffic you will receive.

Press Releases:

This is a fantastic way to get exposure and create backlinks. You can get your content found by many different news sites and sources. This can potentially lead to masses of traffic coming into your websites and the backlinks are very “High Quality”, so give this a go.

Pod casts:

People are getting more and more into pod casts. It’s become much more popular and if you can create audio content about your blog posts and publish audios for every post you make, you will see a huge increase in traffic as well as creating backlinks. You will also look like the “real thing” and professionalism can carry your business a long way.

Article marketing:

After each piece of content you make, write another article and publish it on Ezine. This will give you a backlink and also a possibility of more traffic, although you must create excellent unique content which will rank well. As I have said “many” times, do in depth keyword research before writing content.

get some backlinks


If you’re already registered with a form, change your signature to your new blog post. Sit down and get involved with people in the forums. If you can be active on a forum for a least an hour, you will find traffic coming into your website. Try to make yourself look like the professional in your niche, you want people to think you’re the “go to” guy.

Make Ebooks:

I have made many Ebooks, to help drive traffic and make backlinks. I like to use scribd, by publishing my Ebooks there. You have great potential to get your Ebooks out there, the more you make the more backlinks and traffic you will find.

Blog comments:

Go find some related websites in your niche and make some useful comments. Try to find “comment luv” websites which allow you to get do-follow links. These won’t rank you on page one quickly but they do help.

These are some of the ways I can get easy backlinks quickly and it doesn’t take long to make these types of content either. Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Have you found more ways to get backlinks and traffic? Let me know by commenting below!

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  1. zuan

    Sep 30. 2013

    True! Normal link building strategies such as social bookmarking or directory submissions are almost dead. Hence, such latest strategies are to be considered and are assumed to be worth it.

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