what is a niche site

What is a niche site?

Very recently, I have noticed I’ve been getting a lot of emails from my readers asking “what is a niche site” and how can you make money from them. I started online by building these small websites and adding Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate links to monetize them. The reason I started by building these small websites is because, there are millions of niches out there. I look for a market ... Continue Reading →
Micro Niche sites

Do building micro niche sites still work?

Looking back to the old days you could build out small micro niche sites and blast links to them, and then rank it high on Google which everyone loved and that business model worked well. At that time Google, Yahoo and Bing were mainly used as the “main” traffic source. As time got on, changes were being made. The search engines got smart and now they are penalizing websites left, right and centre. ... Continue Reading →
Building links to your website

Should you be building links to your website?

There is no real answer to this question. If you ask Google this question, there answer will be “NO”, but if you ask an Internet marketer, “WE” say yes. So, the real question is how many links should you build and what kind of links. I think building links to your website is one of the fastest ways to help improve your websites, Page Rank, Domain authority, Page Authority and trust. Most of ... Continue Reading →
Sold website

How I sold a 5 page website for $1750!

As you can see in the image below, I sold this website for $1750! Amazing isn’t it! A website about tadpoles made me that much but why and how did I earn so much? In this post I’m going to share with you how much I spent on the site, how I got it making money and how I got traffic to the site. Here is a link to the flippa listing! Check it out! Where the site began! So, back in February my nephew ... Continue Reading →
get easy backlinks

Get easy backlinks quickly

Today I wanted to share with you how I get easy backlinks quickly after publishing new blog posts so they rank well and get indexed fast. I see many marketers writing lengthy blog posts and not getting exposure to them, which you should be doing. You should be creating as many doorways as you can to help drive traffic to your pages and posts. Here are some of the things I have done in the past to get ... Continue Reading →
How to increase traffic to your website!

How to increase traffic to your website

Are you wondering how to increase traffic to your website? Well, you’re definitely not the only one asking this question, because many new marketers are finding it difficult to increase traffic to their websites and blogs. We all want busy websites, earning fortunes and being able to live financially free. Traffic is one of the biggest problems and here, I am going to explain some ways, in which ... Continue Reading →